Life Model

Are you frustrated with how little transformation you see in your life and your church? Do you ever wonder why we don’t see a more radical transformation of people in our churches? Why do we see Christians doing good things, but not necessarily with good character? Why do we sometimes see non-Christians treating people better than Christians?


We believe that most Christian churches and ministries desire to disciple their people. This is the central task that Jesus has given us. Where we often get stuck is: How? How do people change? How is character formed? 

There is much misunderstanding on the “Hows” of discipleship, and this is where Life Model Consulting specializes. You may be a pastor, missionary, ministry leader or lay leader. Whatever your context, we come alongside and help you do it better.




We start by working with you and your team to introduce you to the other half of church. Our time together is primarily a training not teaching. We will give you practices between sessions to cement what you are learning. Our goal is to help you experience the transformation of full brain discipleship yourselves before helping you spread it to your people.

We offer both in-person and online consulting. 

Our goal is to help you develop the relational side of discipleship that is essential for character transformation. A transformed person loves as Jesus loves. Our training will include:

  • Understanding the importance of joy (faces of grace) to our emotional/relational/spiritual growth and well being
  • Practicing the joy/quiet cycle that God designed into us 
  • Encountering God in places we can’t find Him 
  • Learning to keep ourselves relational, even in distress 
  • Changing our motivation from fear to joyful identity. 


A common format is to meet two times a month for 90 minutes. The first level of training takes four months. We offer a total of three levels to cover the essential skills. We are flexible with how we deliver the training, and we can tailor it to your schedule. During the time between sessions, you will have the opportunity to practice what you learn in the training. We recommend reading “The Other Half of Church” (Hendricks, Wilder) before the training commences. Team members will practice the relational skills with each other because this is an ideal learning environment. Attend the training sessions with an open and eager heart, do the inter-session exercises, and read “The Other Half of Church.” We will do the rest together!


So you read "The Other Half of Church" and think, "I want this in my church. How do I bring this to our people?" We can come alongside you!

Register Your Team

Contact us to get consulting services set up for your team. Our consultants can also do individual coaching if desired.


Your teams can expect to leave our consultation process having heavily exercised their relational muscles. Your entire emotional fabric will change.

Register for a Consultation

Our brain is not designed to change primarily through receiving information (ie a book) but through relationships and intentional practice. If you’d like to receive this additional consultation, you can enter your contact info and a brief explanation of what you desire from the training. 

Once you’ve registered, your consultant will contact you, explain the consulting arrangement and price and team size etc. Then we create a consulting agreement with pricing, meeting time/dates, start date, team member contact information, and finalize the details!

Frequently Asked Questions

We do some assessments before, during and after. You’ll be able to feel changes in your emotional fabric and even in your bodies if you do the exercises.

Our brain is not designed to change primarily through receiving information (ie a book) but through relationships and intentional practice.

We recommend a leadership team of people who are hungry and influential in the church/ministry. A good marker is if you read “The Other Half of Church” and think, “I want this in my church. How do I bring this to our people?”

We are then available for consulting as-needed to help with problems and with implementation. We can also continue on to additional training if desired.