Living From the Heart Jesus Gave You

Life Model Works’ flagship book about the intersection of the Bible and brain science. Over 100,000 copies have sold in over 12 languages.

The latest edition includes group study questions at the end of each chapter as well as many other bonuses.

How Can We Learn to Cooperate More Effectively with the Transforming Work of God in Our Lives?

The Life Model is a unifying approach to basic discipleship, human maturation, spiritual formation, emotional/relational intelligence, counseling, recovery, pastoral care, prayer ministry, deliverance, inner healing, child-rearing, and building healthy communities. Substance abuse recovery programs internationally are guided by the Life Model’s five principles. Because the Life Model develops strong maturity, it is widely used as a church model, particularly where people must face suffering. Missions have adopted the Life Model for restoring wounded missionary children. Almost every major ministry dealing with trauma and abuse in the USA uses the Life Model as part of their teaching. Written by a team of people highly-trained in the various fields of education, therapy, neuroscience, theology, and recovery: James Friesen, E James Wilder, Anne Bierling, Rick Koepcke, and Maribeth Poole.

“The Life Model is the best model I have seen for bringing Christ to the center of counseling and restoring the disintegrating community fabric within Christian Churches.”

Dallas Willard – Renowned Philosopher

“The answer given in The Life Model is very real – a combination of healthy spirituality, intellectual insight, a need for community and friendship – all put together to help us become transformed.”

Dr. Francis MacNutt

"...after a lifetime of problems and not knowing what is wrong with me, I finally have answers and a resolution for all of them."

"...this book gave me a solid understanding of type A and B traumas and the importance of the relationship with others in the healing process and become a mature Christian."

"I appreciated the intuitiveness of the approach, the simplicity of the self-diagnostic, and the exercises." The book was very fulfilling."

"Fresh Spirit-breathed insight with a balanced understanding of God's plan for families and communities."

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This edition now includes study questions at the end of each chapter as well as many other bonuses.