Jesus in Mind: Talks on Kingdom Life​

JIMTalks is a refreshing look at how creation and brain science work together to help us understand some of the most challenging passages of Scripture. It offers insights into many aspects of everyday life and brings the Life Model challenge for maturity into family and church life. You want to share this with your friends!


Profound Teaching

Dr. Jim Wilder taught te Bible weekly for a number of years and the recordings are a gold mine of insights and wisdom.

Bible Discovery​

Discover the biblical foundation of the Life Model and be introduced to practical neurotheology in these lessons.

Fresh Perspective

Over forty years in brain science is applied to unlocking the Bible to give you a fresh perspective on interpretation and practical application.


Volume 31 includes an amazing sermon on prayer and the brain recorded at the Joy Starts Here book tour in Austin, TX. You will want everyone who has ever struggled with prayer to hear this message.

31 Volumes | 100's of hours of Teaching | Audio Gold

You may have these Bible passages and stories before--but not the way Jim teaches them! You will enjoy his wonderful mix of Bible teaching and brain science. The 'Life Model' view of maturity will change forever the way you see your life, your family, and your church. You will want to give copies to your friends and maybe enemies, as well. All of the teachings are available as MP3 downloads

About the Teacher

PhD, Clinical Psychology, and M.A. Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary

Dr. Jim Wilder is one of the thinkers behind the Life Model, from design to application. He delights in finding difficult passages in Scripture and making them obvious and practical.

Every Sunday Dr. Wilder emerges with his best thought of the week and teaches a select group in Pasadena, CA. His topics are based on familiar Bible passages but not the way you’ve heard them before.